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This blog is about my daily experiences and the wisdom which I have gained from them. The postings will either be in the form of questions posed by me, Jules Arden or reflections of my life experience. The answers are given by Mr OWO, the resident wise guy and supported by other teachers inclined towards Eastern philosophy. Read more at my blog.


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Bad Investment Advice

by the editor — September 21st, 2009

Since it is the anniversary of the Lehman collapse, I thought it would be wise to come up with a list of Bad Investment Advice. Here they are:

  1. Signing up for something you do not understand.
  2. Agreeing to any investment with an unlimited downside risk.
  3. Thinking of short term gains.
  4. Accepting something that is too good to be true
  5. Taking volatility knowing that peace of mind is important to you.
  6. Not recognising that there is always a change in business cycles. Upturns are followed by downturns. Any good economic conditions longer than 7 years then you have to be cautious.
  7. Taking big bets or borrow to invest.
  8. Borrowing in a currency that has risen in value or borrow to invest in an asset with a different currency of return.

These are some of the things to keep in mind so that you do not listen to Bad Investment Advice.

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